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Setting Up Nonprofit Organizations In Oklahoma For Success

There are situations when it is advantageous for a nonprofit or tax-exempt organization to enter into a business relationship with a for-profit enterprise. In order to accomplish this goal, the nonprofit organization must comply with specific IRS regulations so it can retain its tax-exempt status. By aligning closely with skilled legal counsel, a nonprofit organization can ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

At Ellis & Ellis, we help nonprofits navigate the process of obtaining tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service and provide these organizations with the advice they need to keep it. Our attorneys draw on a wealth of experience in assisting our nonprofit and tax-exempt clients. Prior to entering private practice, LeAnn Drummond Ellis worked for the IRS. Hal Ellis brings decades of experience representing a variety of nonprofit institutions. He has also taught federal income tax matters. As a result, they are well-situated to attend to the various tax issues that could impact a nonprofit organization. Some of the nonprofits our lawyers have served include:

  • Private foundations
  • Public foundations
  • Universities
  • Religious organizations
  • Religious medical organizations

Working Closely With Oklahoma Nonprofits

We at Ellis & Ellis have helped numerous nonprofits forge formal relationships with for-profit companies. Through making greater resources available to the nonprofit, this partnership has made the nonprofit stronger while maintaining its tax-exempt status.

These relationships between nonprofits and for-profits are very complex from a tax standpoint. To do this requires intimate knowledge of the federal tax code, gained from research but, most importantly, from experience. It’s what we provide our nonprofit clients and what we will bring to your Oklahoma nonprofit.

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If you have questions about how to form a nonprofit or need help ensuring that an already-established nonprofit remains in compliance with the law, turn to our experienced team. We welcome all questions, and we’re happy to address all your concerns. To make an appointment at our Stillwater office, call 405-334-5378 or email our law firm to schedule a consultation.