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If you have been named personal representative of a loved one’s estate after his or her death, you are agreeing to take on many important responsibilities. This can be particularly difficult, especially while dealing with the loss of a loved one. A knowledgeable attorney will be instrumental in guiding you through the probate or estate administration process. For decades, people across Payne County and beyond have placed their trust in Ellis & Ellis. Our Stillwater probate lawyers offer the skill and experience you need.

Efficiently Navigating The Estate Administration Process

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the added burden of a drawn-out legal process. At Ellis & Ellis, we understand. Our attorneys frequently represent clients in Payne County and the surrounding areas in probate court. Because we are regulars in these courtrooms, other attorneys — particularly those who are out of state but have Oklahoma clients — call on our firm to serve these clients.

We recognize that our clients want the estate process as efficient as possible. Our lawyers and staff all have extensive training managing these issues, and will do everything in their power to make this process a smooth one. Our experience also enables us to handle unique cases. For example, some of our clients have inherited mineral rights to land. In these situations, it is necessary to go through probate in order for these beneficiaries to receive title to the property.

Probate May Not Be Necessary

In some instances, an estate’s assets do not have to go through the probate process. Assets such as an IRA, certain types of pension plans, life insurance, payable on death (POD) designations and property held in joint tenancy can bypass probate. Our lawyers will be able to counsel you on whether you can avoid probate entirely, or if certain estate assets can bypass the process. Whatever your situation involves, you can rely on us to determine the best course of action and guide you efficiently to its conclusion.

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