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Estate litigation, also known as fiduciary litigation, can involve disputes over the terms of a will or trust. These disputes can also involve guardianship issues. In nearly every case, fiduciary litigation involves disputes between family members. In many instances, disagreements that have been simmering for years or decades finally lead to litigation. Whether you are bringing a claim or are defending yourself, it is critical to work with skilled, knowledgeable legal counsel at every point in the legal process. Our attorneys have significant experience prosecuting and defending the full range of allegations, such as:

  • Undue influence
  • Lack of capacity
  • Fraud
  • A will or trust is not valid

We litigate disputes in Payne County and across the region. In all matters, our sole concern is protecting your rights and seeking a favorable outcome.

Protecting The Rights And Wishes Of Families Throughout Oklahoma

In our years of focused estate law practice at Ellis & Ellis, we have seen how sometimes family members will dispute aspects of the probate process. At times they have legitimate concerns; at other times, emotions and old family wounds are pushing them into court.

No matter what the cause, we undertake these cases with knowledge, care and compassion. Our lawyers — Hal Ellis, LeAnn Drummond Ellis — are attorneys and counselors at law. We take our roles as counselors very seriously. Knowing that these are emotionally charged situations, we do much counseling. Whenever possible, we truly work to find a reasonable solution outside of court, helping family members work through underlying issues and receive satisfactory resolution.

Most judges incline this way as well, often imposing mediation or a settlement process. But if the case belongs in court, know that we will work on behalf of our clients, protecting their rights while preserving the wishes of their deceased loved ones.

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